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Impacting Families. Transforming Lives.

Ultimate Neighborhood Give Back Challenge

Thanks to all of you who helped us in the Give Back Challenge! We did not make it into the final six, but we do have Women’s Service Day coming to remodel our lobby and front entrance landscaping on August 14 – a great beginning! Please consider making a donation to help them help us make Pathways a welcoming environment that demonstrates our value for the people we serve!

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A Place for Families to Heal

We offer pathways to wholeness, especially for children and families. Because we know how hard it is to walk through one door to ask for help, we bring together as many services as we can to transform lives: mental health and substance abuse counseling, education in parenting and child development, advocacy through court proceedings, and more.

Our clients are dealing with tough stuff: addiction, illness, abuse and neglect, broken relationships, failed dreams. Our vision for our building is that when you approach and enter, your heart rate slows, your blood pressure drops, and you feel calm. Each space brings nature in and is actively hospitable for what happens there--from training to play therapy to counseling.

Instead, we have a 30-year-old building that has evolved over time with more love than money. Our improvements have been piecemeal, done as we’ve been able with our own hands, donations, and some volunteer help. We have a patchwork of more than a dozen floor coverings; vintage wallpaper and laminate appear throughout; our furnishings represent the evolution of design over 50 years.

Our dreams for a facility that is a greater asset to our work are energized right now because of a partnership with Women’s Service Day, a local grassroots volunteer organization. They’re planning a modest “extreme makeover” in August, which will give us a significant boost. The oxymoron of “modest” and “extreme makeover” says, though, that it’s only a start. With the resources and the expertise Ty Pennington and his team could bring, we could truly transform the experience of our staff, clients, and volunteers!

We have practical needs, like broken double-pane windows that need replacing, a training room that’s devoid of technology, and uncomfortable staff facilities. But, given the creativity we’ve seen in Ty’s projects, we’d also love to brainstorm about possibilities to represent through our facility the hope and calm and individual self-worth we know are possible.

And, because of our partnership with Women’s Service Day in addition to our own volunteers, we can assemble teams to implement this dream. We’ll have spent the summer developing our network of donors so we can supplement what might be available through a contest prize. Demonstrating their commitment, project management, and follow-through, Women’s Service Day will finish a three-year project to renovate a neighborhood center in August.

And when we’re done, our building will:

• Tell the nearly 15,000 people we serve each year--35% of whom are children--that they’re worthy, cared-about, and capable of creating a better life.

• Confirm for our staff of 50 that they’re priceless, though paid at nonprofit payscales.

Perhaps most importantly, the buzz created by winning this prize, and especially by Ty’s visit, would help us raise awareness and increase support for our work for years to come.


Journey with Pathways, MI

Impacting Families. Transforming Lives.

From mental health services and substance abuse counseling to adoption and foster care programs, Pathways offers a wide range of resources and expertise, all dedicated to enabling children, adults and families to achieve positive change in their lives and communities. For those who need us most, Pathways is here…with help for a new beginning, and hope for a better life.

The name Pathways relates to the journey which many of the clients served by our programs are on. It also signifies the options and opportunities available to people- it gives a sense of hope and discovery. It opens up opportunities to connect awareness, direction, choice and adventure.

We are committed to demonstrating excellence in all that we do and assuring that we provide responsive and compassionate service to all individuals, families and communities who seek our assistance. Pathways, MI services a ten-county area in Western Michigan.

"Providing life transforming services to children, families and our communities" is our mission at Pathways, MI.

Serving: Allegan, Lake, Mason, Mecosta, Montcalm, Muskegon, Newaygo, Oceana, Osceola and Ottawa Counties.


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