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The Performance and Quality Improvement Plan (PQI) for Pathways, MI is a continuous and dynamic self-evaluation process.  It is part of an overall agency philosophy of empowering staff at all levels to assume an active role in improving program outcomes and overall agency performance.

It is through the Performance and Quality Improvement process that we work together to improve organizational performance for the purpose of fulfilling our mission and providing the highest level of services to children and families who come to our agency.


FrameworkThe Performance and Quality Improvement Plan is a systematic and integrated approach to monitoring and evaluating the quality of agency and individual client services.  Its purposes are to promote quality, expose problems needing resolution, and assure expected outcomes. 

The Executive Director of Pathways, MI assumes ultimate responsibility for the assessment of the quality of client services as well as the work performance of all individuals employed by Pathways, MI.  The Executive Director works in conjunction with the Performance Quality Improvement Committee whose members include leadership staff from all program areas of the organization, the Human Resources and Executive Committee of the Board , and the Risk Management Committee to ensure that the goals of the PQI Plan are met.




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