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Mental Health Counseling– counseling can help a person cope with the stresses of daily life and adjust to events like divorce, family conflict and tension, relationship struggles, grief and loss, depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions.

Substance Abuse Counseling– alcohol and/or other drug abuse or dependency can be devastating to both the individual and their family. Learning to live life free from alcohol and other drugs is often a very difficult journey. Pathways, MI counselors are trained to help and support both individuals and their families as they begin their path towards recovery and at any point in their recovery journey.

Co-Occuring Counseling– many people experience both Mental Health and Substance Abuse problems and it is often difficult to determine where one ends and the other begins.  Our counselors are trained in both areas so treatment for both can occur with one counselor, at one time, under one roof.



Foster Care– provides a temporary and nurturing home for children who are in the child welfare system due to parental abuse or neglect.  The goal is to return the child to his/her family or make another permanent plan, such as adoption.

Adoption– once parents are unable to rectify the situations that cased their children to be removed from their homes and placed in the foster care system, and their parental rights are terminated, we place the children into loving, permanent homes.

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)– recruits, trains and supports citizen-volunteers who advocate for abused and neglected children in the community and in the courtroom.  A CASA volunteer is directly empowered by the courts to provide one-on-one advocacy for abused and neglected children.



Student Leaders Initiating Change (SLIC)– youth coalition in Ottawa County in which leadership skills are developed to encourage our peers to make decisions that have a positive impact on themselves and the community.  

Ottawa Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (OSAP)– group of community members, human service professionals, businesses, law enforcement, government officials, schools and school personnel who are working together to create change regarding youth substance use.

Total Trek Quest (TTQ) fun, high energy 9-week highly interactive program designed exclusively for boys in 3rd and 5th.  Offered in the Fall and Spring, TTQ’s goal is to increase boys’ health and wellness while preventing high risk behaviors by using physical activity and training.

Stop Child Abuse and Neglect (SCAN) community-based effort to prevent child abuse and neglect in Ottawa County. SCAN helps to coordinate child abuse prevention efforts to ensure we work together as a community to protect children. We work to raise awareness of the issue of child abuse in Ottawa County.  Pathways, MI is the designated Michigan Children’s Trust Fund Local Child Abuse and Neglect Council for Ottawa County.

Parent and Family Support/Education– includes a wide range of parenting groups, classes, and workshops to strengthen parenting skills and create a stronger family, such as: Parenting Wisely, Strengthening Families Program, Nurturing Parent Program (Bavolek), Circle of Parents and Love and Logic.



Licensed early learning AND care program support– provides support, assistance, and resources to family childcare homes, preschools, and centers in an effort to help those programs reach and maintain a high level of quality as they care for and educate children in the 0-5 age group.  We work to collaborate with community organizations and agencies to offer professional development in order for programs to meet state licensing requirements.

Support unlicensed relative/aid providers– provide the state required 7-hour Great Start to Quality Orientation class, so that these providers may care for a relative’s child.  This class includes basic childcare information, health, safety, Safe Sleep, nutrition, and adult/child/infant CPR/First Aid certification.  Additional support given as these providers work to attain more professional development training beyond the required orientation class.

Professional Development– community collaboration (throughout our 10-county region) to provide a wide variety of trainings, workshops, and professional development opportunities.  Partnerships include Great Start Collaboratives and Parent Coalitions, the MSU Extension, local Child Abuse Councils, local libraries, local Intermediate School Districts, the Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance, the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan, Children’s Advocacy Center, the Outdoor Discovery Center, Safe Kids West Michigan, Kent Regional 4 C, local community colleges, Catholic Charities West Michigan, various CPR/First Aid trainers, and numerous others.

Family support– assist parents and families in searching for quality early learning and care programs using

Early childhood awareness– create awareness of the importance of early learning experiences and high quality childcare via social media avenues such as our Facebook page, our website, e-newsletters sent to licensed programs, attendance at community meetings and events, and support of Michigan’s Tiered Quality Rating & Improvement System, Great Start to Quality.





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